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Users on need to register on the site in order to gain access to the site. If you have already registered and need assistance accessing your account please click the link below.

Begin Account Recovery Process


Account Recovery Guide

1. On the main login page click Need login help?


Figure 1 Need Login Help

2. Enter your Last Name and NPN and click SUBMIT. If you know your NPN, you can SKIP to step c.

Figure 2 Account Recovery

A. Clicking on Look up my NPN ᵛ will allow you will see a drop-down menu. This menu provides two methods of looking up your NPN:


i.Use your Social Security Number and Last Name


ii. Use your License number and State.


Select the option that is easiest for you. If one does not yield the appropriate results, try the other option.


 Figure 3 Look Up NPN


B. IF you selected the Social Security Number option, enter your Social Security number and Last Name in the fields provided. Then click Find.


Please Note: The system does not store any Social Security or License numbers.



Figure 4 Find my NPN by Social Security Number

C. IF you selected the License Number option, enter your License Number and State in the fields provided. Then click Find.


 Figure 5 Find my NPN by License Number



  • Upon successful retrieval, the NPN will automatically populate in the National Producer Number (NPN)
  • If there was an error in retrieval, please review the information entered and try again.

3. You will then see your login email and the option prompting you to change your password. Enter your new password then click CHANGE PASSWORD to change your password and directly log into to the site.


Figure 6 Change Password


Begin Account Recovery Process

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