Complimentary AARP Membership

Sign-Up For Complimentary AARP Membership

  1. Once you have logged in, from the home page, click CLICK HERE NOW to sign-up for the complimentary AARP membership as shown below.

    Figure 1 Sign-up Complimentary AARP Membership

  2. Enter you First Name, Last Name, Zip Code and Date of Birth and click the SEARCH button and complete the AARP Membership form.

    Figure 2 Continue for Complimentary AARP Membership

  3. Fill the form and click SUBMIT APPLICATION
    Please Note: If you are a current AARP member, please be sure to enter the same information as on your existing AARP membership record.

    Figure 3 Complimentary AARP Membership Application

  4. Once the application is submitted, you will see an enrollment completed CONFIRMATION screen as shown below.

    Figure 4 Enrollment Confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. I have an existing AARP membership. Can I convert my existing membership to the complimentary membership?
    No. You can't convert your existing membership to complimentary membership. The 3 year complimentary membership will get added to any existing term that an agent already has.
  2. Are there any refunds on the existing purchased membership?
    There are no refunds on existing purchased memberships.
  3. Can I use a different name, address, phone number, and etc. to apply for a complimentary membership?
    No. It will create a Duplicate Account. If you have an existing AARP membership and apply for a complimentary membership with different information on the complimentary membership application (i.e. name, address, phone number, and etc.) the system will create a second membership in the AARP database and it will not extend your current membership.
  4. Is my spouse/partner eligible for the 3 year complimentary FULL AARP membership?
    Yes. You and your spouse/partner are eligible for the 3 year complimentary FULL AARP membership.
  5. How long will it take to receive my complimentary membership kit?
    The complimentary membership kit takes up to 4 weeks to be processed and mailed.If you don't get the membership kit after four weeks, please reach out to AARP membership at support@myaarpconnection.zendesk.comᅠfor a status update.
  6. To apply for complimentary membership, do we have to be 50+?
    No. You and your spouse do not have to be 50+ to apply for complimentary membership. But please note, for age restricted products or services, such as the group life insurance products insured by New York Life and the group Medicare Supplement insurance plans insured by United Healthcare Insurance Co., you must meet the age requirements for those products.
  7. I don’t see the “Complimentary AARP Membership” box but instead I see “Why member loves AARP” box?
    After you successfully apply for your complimentary membership you won’t see the “Complimentary AARP Membership” box. The “Complimentary AARP Membership” box automatically changes to “Why members love AARP”box.
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