Hartford Authorized to Offer Agent Annual Training Guide


After successfully creating an account and logging onto myAARPconnection.com, you will be able to see the home page. To view and start your training, click on the TRAINING tab as shown in the image below.

Figure 1 Home Page

On the right-hand side, you will see a listing of all courses previously completed. Since all agents are required to complete AARP 101 and AARP 231 they are listed here along with any other completed courses in the future.

On the left-hand side, you will see a listing of Available Courses. To start your annual training, choose any course from the Available Courses section, and click LAUNCH TRAINING.

Figure 2 Training Course Page


Below is a list of features available while viewing the training.

Figure 3 Training Screen

  1. Play/Pause button: Play/Pause button plays the video and when the video is playing it appears as a double bar which can be clicked to pause the video.
  2. Captions: Clicking on caption displays subtitles of the video.
  3. Volume Control: You can drag the volume control to increase or decrease the volume. You can also click on the speaker icon to mute the video.
  4. Maximize button: Maximize button can be clicked to view the video on full screen mode.
  5. Continue: Clicking on continue will take you to the next chapter.

Course Quiz

Figure 4 Quiz Page

Below is a sample of a quiz when you click the START button.

Figure 5 Quiz Questions


After the course is passed you will be asked to take an optional short survey relating to the course. Click the START button to complete the survey. There are total 3 survey questions.

Figure 6 Course Completion Page

Course Completed

When you pass the quiz:

  • A Green Bar with a “Thumbs Up” and the message “CONGRATULATIONS!” appears
  • A Red box appears on the left-hand side with the message:
    • “There are no courses available for you to complete at this time.”
  • The completed course box moves to the right-hand side under Additional Courses Completed.
  • Course completion date and time are listed

Please Note: Once a course has been completed you will not have the option to take additional courses.

Figure 7 Completed Training Course


If you encounter any difficulties throughout training the process please try the following suggestion

  1. No Audio
    1. Please ensure that your computer’s speakers are turned on and that the volume is turned up to a comfortable level.
  2. I’m hard of hearing or don’t want to disturb others
    1. Captions are available in each course by clicking on the Captions text under the video screen. See page 4.
  3. The video is not working
    1. Try using a different web browser and make sure you are not using a remote desktop connection. For best results, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  4. My problem is not listed here
    1. You can reach out to myAARPconnection support at support@myaarpconnection.zendesk.com.When doing so, please provide your name, carrier, NPN, and a brief description of the issue.
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