After successfully creating an account and logging into, you will be directed to home page. To enter volunteer hours and apply for awards, please follow the below steps.

The ACES page provides you with the ability to record, track, and find community service activities. The following features are available from the ACES page.

  1. Share your story
    In this section you will enter the volunteer hours and description of work that you've been doing!
    • Give your activity a name.
    • Let us know if it was an AARP sponsored volunteer activity.
    • Then add your hours and fill all detail descriptions of the activity.

    Once you entered the information, click on the SHARE STORY button. This information is then shared with the ACES management team only.

    Note: ALL the fields on SHARE YOUR STORY section are required fields.

    1.1  Awards

    After sharing your story and completing enough hours, you can apply for an award. Please follow the steps below to apply for an award.

    • When you click SHARE STORY button, you will see an image below which will notify and show if you are eligible for an award or not. If you have completed 25 hours or more you will be eligible for an award.
    • Clicking the Go button will take you to the Congratulations screen as shown below. Please fill out all the required fields and then click the SUBMIT button.
    • After clicking SUBMIT button your award will be processed.

  2. Need to find volunteering opportunities near you?
    This section shows the details of many volunteering opportunities near you. Clicking on the Go button will open a new window with a list of volunteering activities by zip code.

  3. Edit entry
    In this section you can edit the ACES hours that you’ve recently added. You may also edit total hours and dates of activities previously entered.

  4. See all entries
    In this section, click on See All Entries which will display all your ACES Activities including total hours and dates of the previously entered activities.

  5. Current award status
    This section allows you to view your completed volunteer hours and the remaining hours needed to qualify for the next reward level.
    • Agents who have completed 25 hours or more are eligible to receive a Certificate of Recognition from AARP for their community service, suitable for framing.
    • Agents, who have completed 50 hours or more, are eligible to receive a Press Release with information about the agent and his/her volunteer activities.  The agent will be contacted by someone from ASI to discuss the specifics of the press release. So please ensure your agent contact information is accurate and up-to-date.
    • Additional rewards may be available depending on your carrier affiliation, for more details contact your carrier representative.

  6. Total hours recorded to date
    This section allows you to view a total of your ACES hours recorded for the current qualification year and your total hours since inception. Based on the total given hours on the ACES record, you will be able to identify your rewards.
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  1. What is considered volunteer hours or volunteer work? Does it have to be done in conjunction with an AARP sponsored event?
    No, it does not have to be done in conjunction with AARP. All of your volunteer work is considered, except for caregiving for an immediate family member or political activities.

  2. If I do volunteer work weekly do I need to enter my hours each week or can I submit one time for the quarter or year?
    If it is an activity you do regularly you can submit it for the length of time of that activity monthly, quarterly or annually.

  3. What is the process for receiving a certificate or a press release?
    You will obtain a certificate in the mail once you log 25 hours in the system. Once you complete logging of 50 hours, you will be asked to provide information for the press release. Once the information is received you will be sent an embellishment for your certificate and the press release with instructions for placement.
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